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Melvin welcomes you on his website. Melvin is a social entrepreneur, studies public administration,
has a heart for politics and speaks / learns 7 languages.

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Melvin MontizaanJEPA
Melvin MontizaanJEPA

Melvin’s competencies

Networker and connector

Melvin likes to bring people together. Melvin does this both in business and in the political world. With MontiConsul, Melvin offers courses in networks and communication to get entrepreneurs the most out of their network.


Melvin loves action and decision making. He likes to take the lead in making important decisions, even when there is a lot of pressure on them. In the decision, he is focused on including other involved within the process.


For Melvin no audience is too small or too boring, he likes to address different conferences and crowds. Melvin likes to give something in his speeches. Many people have indicated that they find their lectures interesting and fascinating.


Despite his young age, Melvin has gained experience at various organizations, ranging in political and business activities. Melvin is familiar with various ERP software packages, MS Office, statistics programs and multimedia editing.

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Melvin feels at home in the world of languages. In his spare time he keeps a lot of it busy. Melvin speaks English and Dutch at C2 (mother tongue level) and speaks German and English at B1 / 2 level. Melvin is currently studying non-Western languages including Russian and Japanese.

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European and International Public Policy

Melvin feels at home in European and international decision-making and policy. Melvin has been active in Europe for 2 years and within his field of study he is very involved in international relations.

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People about Melvin

Melvin is intelligent, open and a pleasant person to work with…

Melvin is intelligent, open and a pleasant person to work with. He helped me with a direct marketing action. After a small briefing he worked in depended and thorough. He came with initiatives and was flexible at uncalculated circumstances. He was interested and committed to my end-result.

Toon Budding
The Hague University of Applied Sciences

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Do you have any questions / suggestions? Contact Melvin by e-mail or via the following telephone number: +31 6 10 06 55 47. You can also contact Melvin on Social Media.

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